Transformational Leadership for a Just World

We know what it will take to completely heal from the effects of and eradicate racism and all other institutional oppressions. We have these tools available to us at this very moment in history.”
Nanci E. Luna Jiménez

Luna Jiménez Seminars & Associates offers transformational programs that inspire and empower individuals and organizations to heal from the effects of oppression and increase their commitment to transformative social change through personal transformation, organizational change, and social justice.

Today, more than ever, we as a global community are poised to address the long-standing historical and present-day implications of racism and other oppressions that impact us on the individual, organizational and community level. We seek leadership that can ask good questions. We seek leadership that is willing to stay with these questions. We seek leadership that acknowledges our profound goodness as humans and our desire to right wrongs. We seek leadership that recognizes our courage to face the tragic and irrational separation of us as human beings. We seek leadership and guidance on how to both ask for and receive unconditional forgiveness—even as we make a space to express the deep sense of injustice, grief and loss that this oppression has left on us.